Dodge Sprinter cargo van

When Chester C. from Asheville, North Carolina is called to an emergency plumbing call, there is no time for him to waste. As one of the city’s most renowned plumbers, Chester’s clients expect him to respond quickly when a plumbing emergency happens, no matter the day or hour. Over the years, Chester has learned that the key to be being prepared is to have a van that can hold any and all supplies he might need for whatever he might find at the job site. That’s why he bought the Dodge Sprinter cargo van.

The Dodge Sprinter cargo van gives Chester just the right amount of space for all of his needs. He can keep the van stocked at all times with the normal, day-to-day supplies he needs in his plumbing business. He has learned that what appears to be a simple job can turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye. By being ready for any contingency, Chester is able to handle these minor emergencies before they become major disasters.

Chester found that the Dodge Sprinter’s large cargo space and heavy duty weight capacity would allow him to increase his loads per trip. These bigger loads meant that he could bid for larger jobs and contracts. For smaller jobs, the increased size meant fewer trips back and forth from the shop to get supplies. Either way, he found himself making money and saving money with the same amount of space.

Also, despite the vast cargo space, Chester found that the Dodge Sprinter could fit in most standard parking areas, meaning easier access to both industrial and residential jobs. Unlike larger, bulkier cargo trucks, the Dodge Sprinter can park anywhere a normal van can. While size might not matter on the loading docks, it’s a great deal more important when Chester is trying to get the water back on in a residential neighborhood.

Unlike larger cars, the Dodge Sprinter van is maneuverable. While it holds cargo like a van, it drives as smooth as any standard sized car. When bad weather hits, plumbers are in high demand. Chester’s clients expect him to be able to respond, rain or shine. Lucky for him the Dodge Sprinter handles like a dream, carrying heavy loads on the roughest of streets.

The Dodge Sprinter doesn’t just save Chester money in terms of it’s ability to hold more cargo. The Dodge Sprinter is one of the most fuel efficient cargo vans on the market. From it’s stream-lined design to powerful, cutting line engine, the Dodge Sprinter has helped Chester weather the gas pump spikes better than any of his competitors. All this, and for a price comparable or lesser than most standard cargo vans on the market!

In an emergency, Chester’s clients know that they can count on him to keep them safe and dry. Dodge Sprinter is a name small business owners can count on through think and thin. Like Chester, they will continue to deliver quality service for years to come.


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