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In the heart of North Carolina, the city of Raleigh stands out as a shining star amongst the states many colorful communities. Since the earliest days of our country, Raleigh has been known as a cultural and commerce center, attracting many people through the region, each hoping to capture some of the success that seems to grow like a mighty oak in their storied city. Many generation’s ago, Marcus P.’s family moved to the area and soon made a name for themselves in the agricultural community. Now, at the turn of the 21st century, Marcus has captured his ancestor’s entrepreneurial spirit by setting up shop as an expert repair person of various agricultural and factory machinery. Using generations of practical know how with a determination to always stay totally up to date with the newest technology, Marcus’ business plan had a great deal of potential. The first step in his plan was to purchase a brand new Dodge Sprinter cargo van for his business.

Inside the Dodge Sprinter cargo van, Marcus was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious cargo hold. This would give him more than enough room to carry all of the standard equipment and tools he would need for most common jobs. Additionally, the cargo hold was spacious enough to accommodate those once in a while jobs, meaning Marcus would never have to hire a specialized cargo company. Furthermore, the large cargo hold meant fewer trips back and forth to the shop. Since all of the necessary supplies could be stored in the van, it was as though Marcus was taking the sop with him to each job. This versatility meant that Marcus could save not only time, but fuel. With gas prices as high as they are today, every penny counts! While it may seem simple to design a cargo hold that is spacious, Dodge engineers spent years studying exactly how to use every inch of space without creating a clunky car.

Behind the wheel, Marcus quickly discovered how smoothly the Dodge Sprinter cargo van handles on all road conditions. When an important piece of machinery went out at a nearby textile mill, Marcus was able to travel to the job through a severe and unexpected storm. Despite heavy rains and wind, the Dodge Sprinter far exceeded Marcus’ expectations for what a cargo van could do. Today, he can rest easy knowing that his Sprinter van will reach each job, cargo safe and intact.

Beyond handling, Marcus knew that he could rely on the Dodge’s engines to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Like Marcus, the Dodge Sprinter is a combination of years of practical know how working in convert with latest technological discoveries. These revolutionary engine designs have many additional benefits, not the least of which is substantial fuel savings each and every month. That, combined with a low asking price, meant Marcus’ business hit the ground with a little extra cash in pocket.

As Marcus heads into the 21st century, he can rest assured that his choices can only lead to more success. With the Dodge Sprinter name backing his journey, there seem to be far fewer bumps in the road in his future.


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